Car servicing and MOT at Rockar

Rockar are authorised by Hyundai to repair your car – that means we meet their standards and have fully trained technicians that specialise in Hyundai’s but can also service and repair other car models.

They don’t just service vehicles, they can also MOT them and if there is a problem remember that they have fully qualified Hyundai technicians to help get your back on the road – safe and sound.

Rockar will carry out a health check on every car – this is all about ensuring your car is operating legally and safely.  Their team will provide you with the results and advise you of any work that needs doing, but don’t worry they will also advise you when it needs to be done and not pressure you into having it fixed there and then.

Rockar will keep you informed
When your car is in for some work, you can track what is happening on your smartphone and if their technicians find something that requires additional work they will let you know.

If your car does need additional work, but you can’t spare the time to get it fixed just now, don’t worry as booking it in again is easy. In the very unlikely circumstances that Rockar need to keep your car for longer and you need to get home – don’t worry, they will provide you with a courtesy car. Once they have fixed your car they will drive it to you and swap it back for the courtesy car.

Please click here to find out more about the Rockar Hyundai showroom at Bluewater (lower Rose Gallery, near M&S).